About Us

We wish to emphasize  to everyone that  richmond university is not a degree mill university or money oriented university.  It  is dedicated to  Quality Work Experienced Professional Standards that is the Ethos of the richmond ’s Trustees. This must be understood by  everyone, before casting the stone at the richmond university  Management.

  • richmond university Philosophy   

The knowledge can be gained in two forms that are by learning and experience. We all know and accept that experience makes  perfect, but never consider it equivalent to earning. The knowledge gained by the method of hands on experience must be given  high priority in the educational arena. It is an acceptable norm that without hands on experience, the academic learning cannot  be  implemented in the professional field. Every individual who learns wants to implement that in practical life to confirm his/her intellectual capabilities to the society. Therefore, anyone’s life hands on experience plays a vital role to become a renowned person in his/her profession